Online Lessons

star star On 50 Best Blogs for Online Educators it states,

“… Fortunately, many who work in educational technology fields are more than willing to share their expertise with others online through videos, podcasts, and more commonly, blogs. We’ve collected a few of these great blogs here, creating a great reading library for any online educator who wants to learn more, develop professionally, and connect with others in the field.”

The 50 blogs are in four groups – exploration strongly encouraged.

  • News and Views (10 blogs): Give these blogs a read to make sure you stay in-the-know when it comes to all things edutech.
  • Educational Technology Professionals (14 blogs): Here you’ll find blogs from professionals working in educational technology, a great resource for those new to online teaching and old pros alike.
  • Education Professionals (14 blogs): These teachers, professors, librarians and other educational professionals share their advice on teaching online courses and incorporating technology into the classroom.
  • Tricks, Tips and Resources (12 blogs): These sites are full of great advice and resources for online educators to use.

star Khan Academy: Free, well-done 15-minute +/- lessons on Algebra, Banking, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Economics and more. Highly rated by Bill Gates and many others

On-line typing lessons (comments on first 3 by Drew Blanchard, Winooski City Schools)

  • BBC Dance Mat Typing – A  little childish, but very flexible.  Flash based, and some of our older computers didn’t like it very much.
  • Powertyping – A basic, comprehensive touch typing program. Not very exciting or interactive, but it lets you easily save scores/progress and also allows the user to skip around to different lessons and skills.
  • Sense-Lang – An OK site, but directions are less clear.  Graphics are good.
  • FreeTypingGame – Has games, typing lessons and speed tests based on your typing level. (suggested by Jon Morris, St. J Elementary School)
  • typingweb: free online typing tutor – looks to be oriented for adults

star GCF is a source for learning about with “Everyday Life”, “Math & Money”, “Computer Training”, “Online Classes”, and “Work & Career”. The Computer Training section covers Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more – multiple versions (2000, XP, 2003, 2007) of each. Materials can be used to teach yourself, or for use in a class (with permission). I haven’t tried the Online Classes — they’re free (funded by donations), could be a good fit for some learning styles.

WatchKnow has “videos for kids to learn from.”

There are lots of free online learning sites. See More than 100 Free Places to Learn Online and Great Learning Resources for 2010 (more links to the site containing these on the Web tools page). You may be interested in the Self Made Scholar‘s Ultimate Self-Education Reading List

MathsMaster.Org has “… great maths videos and other learning resources. They are free to the world and always will be.”

integralCALC has video tutorials about calculus. The site was done by Krista King. She also created myCalculusHelp where Krista (and others?) questions about calculus.

According to its “About” page, “Good-Tutorials is the largest source of tutorials on the web today.” It focuses on web tools and photo editing.

Colleen Young’s Digital Tools site has a page on Tutorials that lists a number of sources.

A somewhat different list of sites: 31 How-To Sites. These cover how to do all sorts of things.

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