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Goodbye, Hello – Shuffling site content

November 5, 2012 Leave a comment

Given that (1) I am no longer actively involved at Walden School and (2) the name of this site (waldenschoolvt), it seemed right to pass this URL to Walden’s learning community. So I’ve moved the contents that have been here to a new home, also using Technology & Education Tidbits. I have asked Walden’s teachers to take over this URL. To move them to activity, I am going to start by gleaning out posts with less “oomph.”

I ask this site’s new owners to keep this post “until the end of time” as a trail for people who have links to content I originally posted at

Thanks, and stay in touch.

Sigurd Andersen [technology coordinator at Walden approx. 1999 (+/-) to 8/2012].

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