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Library Guides

April 16, 2012 Leave a comment

star I got a pointer to Spartan Guides, a treasure-trove of organized links to web sites useful in education. The home page lists the most popular guides. Each of the guides has dozens of categories, which then often break down to sub-categories. Each final page has lots of information. For instance, the New Tools guide includes Digital Storytelling and Google Docs and Apps among its nearly 50 sub-categories.

On the Google Apps page I’d recommend two downloadable Google for Teachers PDFs. The first includes info on uses of Google Maps, including Math Maps (has placemarks with related math questions identified by elementary grade level – Kindergarten through 5th grades) and Climate Change Data (has placemarks tied to current and historical weather data). The second has a section on building custom search engines which I may use to organize links to shareable images. There’s lots more than the few items I’ve mentioned here.

The library producing the above has a wiki page with yet more information. Many of the links take you to pages done by Joyce Valenza using Only2Clicks. These pages have a thumbnail of the relevant web page for each link. There are too may good categories for me to pick just a few. Have a look.


Rural School & Community Trust

April 16, 2012 Leave a comment

The Rural School and Community Trust ” is a national nonprofit organization addressing the crucial relationship between good schools and thriving communities.”

“The Rural Trust provides a variety of services—training, networking, technical assistance, coaching, mentoring, research—and materials to increase the capacity of rural schools, teachers, young people, and communities to develop and implement high quality place-based education.”

The site seems to get new material relatively infrequently. The information is accessible via targeted audience (administrators, teachers, students, etc.) and category (Funding/Grants/Scholarships, Networks/Groups, Place-Based Learning, etc.)

Teacher vulnerability engenders trust

September 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Interesting post on “Vulnerability as a Connection Tool … in Distance Education” – there’s a 6-minute video clip and the following description:

Today’s hot topic deals with teacher’s  & trainer’s vulnerability in distance education. This is a very important subject as many of us at times feel vulnerable and cannot come up with the correct answer on the spot.

In this video I share 5 strategies that help me feel vulnerable and safe at the same time in a distance classroom.

  • Strategy # 1:  Turn your competitive disadvantages into your best-selling points
  • Strategy #2: Confidence is overrated. Keep doing what you are doing, and confidence will come
  • Strategy #3: Be authentic and vulnerable
  • Strategy #4: Change your role online
  • Strategy #5: Don’t give away your power

I appreciate any comments or additional suggestions for Karen! Please provide your insights under the video.

She’s talking to recent graduates and grad students, but much applies more broadly. She talks of graduate students needing to learn how to teach themselves about topics of interest. I believe that we should encourage this in students from the earliest grades.


School Day of the Future

March 10, 2011 Leave a comment

I came across the page “21 Things That Will Be Obsolete by 2020” – an interesting take on where education and technology are likely to be headed. It’s part of a series of posts on the “School Day of the Future.” There’s lots of food for thought there.